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Today I moved into my new apartment and I’ve begun the process of moving the site over to  I’ve also moved a great deal of cash out of my wallet and into the hands of clubs in exchange for concert tickets.  While on my ride around Boston to pick up more tickets I felt the urge to move whatever was in my stomach out of my mouth (it truly is amazing how fast one gets out of shape) and I’m consistently moved to a state of anger by secret or bonus tracks at the end of albums.  Please stop it.

No real music news today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with my most anticipated concert of September and then on Saturday my best of the rest feature with a little sneak peak at October.

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This is entertaining.

~ aaron


• The three reasons this show is my second most anticipated are found in the three performers of the evening…

Girl Talk: I’ve never seen Girl Talk live, but I have listened to Night Ripper quite a bit and I have watched videos like the one below, which lead me to believe a Girl Talk live performance is just one giant dance party. There is nothing better than a dance party especially when recognizable songs whiz by almost before you can even recognize them. Non stop energy and non stop dancing can not be beat. Check out Girl Talk at the Montreal Jazz Festival:

Dan Deacon: I saw Dan Deacon earlier this summer and it was amazing. His weight, enthusiasm, and clever countdowns create a friendly atmosphere which helps alleviate any reluctance to convulse and shake to Dan’s hyper Baltimore beats. Like Girl Talk sometimes does, Dan allows himself to be swallowed by the crowd he is performing for, which helps create a special bond with his audience. His music is rapid, fun and he’ll even pass out lyric sheets so everyone can sing along. Oh, and I’m not the only one in love with his live performance. Read what Nialler9 wrote about his Dan Deacon experience and then watch a video of Dan at the 2007 Pitchfork Music Festival:

SMD: I’ve never seen SMD or Simian perform, but I’ve really enjoyed SMD’s Attack Decay Sustain Release as well as their new EP, EP. Oh and their video for Hustler is amazing and all of that is good enough to make me excited for their set.

• The show is Sept. 14th at Avalon.  Tickets can be purchased at the Orpheum Theater box office.



• Choosing the Black Lips as my third most anticipated show was extremely difficult and ultimately it was just a toss up between this show and the second most anticipated show (to be discussed tomorrow).

The New Material: The Black Lips’ new album ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ comes out on Sept. 11th. A few tracks have been released from the album including Katrina, and Cold Hands, and word is that the rest of the album is damn good (I’ll definitely be forgoing Napster and buying a hard copy of the LP). Based on the two singles released and the rest of tracks you can find if you look well enough ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ is really good, may feature expanded instrumentation and will translate well to their high energy performances.

The Performance: The Black Lips are known for their live performances. They were banned from playing Atlanta’s 40 Watt for quite awhile, were named SXSW 2007’s Hardest Working Band and based on personal experience put on a great live show. I didn’t witness anything quite like what has been rumored throughout their infamous performance history; I did witness a band full of energy (that the crowd really soaks up), a commanding stage presence, and a sense that they’re having a good time playing music for their fans.

The Opener: The Selmanaires opened for Deerhunter last spring upstairs at the Middle East and I was thoroughly impressed. You’re not going to see any of the Selmanaires trying to catch their own spit or playing ‘solos’ with their teeth (see: Black Lips), but you will see good musicians playing very well. Their ‘strut rock’ translates well to a live show and the band captures the audience’s attention with their tight playing and lead singer Herb Harris’ incredible range. I would pay to see both bands separately so both for the price of one will be a steal.

• The show is Sept. 21 and tickets can be had at the Middle East box office: Open 1-7pm, 7 days a week.


In unrelated news…Aesop Rock’s newest LP ‘None Shall Pass’ is out today.

 ~ aaron

Go buy some more earplugs because you are going to need them for the coming month. In order to welcome in what is set to be the best concert month of 2007 I’m going to be counting down my four most anticipated shows and then a best of the rest feature.


New material: The band is well past their last LP Writer’s Block and although I’m sure most of their set will comprise of Writer’s Block material it I reasonable to assume they’ll have some new songs in their live arsenal. And, there is no better place to hear new songs from a band you really enjoy than live.

The hype: Almost everyone agrees that PB and J put together a great live performance. NPR’s All Songs Considered (please get the podcast because it is consistently thoughtful and fantastic), to a quick Stereogum review here, SXSW 2007 reviews, and more all have showered praise on the band for their tight sets.

• Writer’s Block is one of my favorite albums of 2006. Most of the songs are top notch and I can’t wait to see them live.

• Finally, as I said earlier – I missed the first show and having to wait has made me more excited to see them.

• Check a clip of their SXSW performance of ‘Young Folks here.

Purchase tickets on Ticketmaster or at the Orpheum Theater box office.

[note: Use Ticketmaster if you enjoy having your wallet raped by service charges]

Some more Broken Social Scene news: T.T. the Bears site has posted not to line up before 1pm.



The good people over at Exitfare have news about a free Broken Social Scene show on the 28th over at T.T. the Bears.  So head on over to Exitfare for the full scoop or look below for the 3/4 scoop.

8/28 @ 2pm – First come, first serve for bracelets.  Bracelets get you in.  Go early.



Car Stereo (Wars) out of Austin, Texas just released their first LP, The Bandit.  Think Girl Talk but a little less frantic and a little more fun (see the SNL Narnia sample).  I just received my copy complete with a hand written thank you.

The album is great.  Order it here.